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Integra® is a hands-on energy healing system that allows you to receive light and love directly into your body and energetic system.  The body-mind-spirit system that we are has a perfect template.  Receiving an Integra® session opens your energetic system to the remembrance of it’s perfect and Divine nature. 
An Integra® session offers an amplification of your energy field and will raise your personal vibratory rate.  This will assist you with opening to frequencies higher than our own human nature, including connection with our Higher Self, Angels and Higher Dimensional assistants.
Integra® can assist in the release of emotional blockages and will increase the flow of life-force energy throughout your body. 

What is an Integra® session like?

An Integra® session begins with a discussion of things happening in your life, including physical challenges and spiritual interests.  You may wish to discuss areas of your life where you feel impeded or blocked from achieving or realizing your true heart’s  desires. 
Integra® sessions are generally one hour to an hour and a half long.  You will remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table.  Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation during their sessions.  You may see colors, have visions, or gain insights that will help you.  You may fall asleep.  The intelligence of your Divine inner healer and your Higher Self, along with your non-physical helpers/healing team, will provide the experience that is just right for you.

How does Integra® work?

Integra® works through the use of gentle, hands-on touch directed to specific areas of the body.  You might see it like connecting the dots, as we move from the feet up the body to connect the flow of energy from bottom to top.  Energy will also be directed into the chakras.
Higher guidance moves my hands and the energy where it needs to go.  Your inner healer and the Divine Intelligence from Source know what to do with the energy so as to maximize your highest functioning.

Sessions can be done “in person” or “remotely”. 
Session price:  $85
To schedule call Jane at 928 821-2998 or email jane@watersongs.org

Body-Water Balancing

This can be an addition to your Integra® session. The water in the body will be infused with the intentions or images of your choice, or can emerge from the connection between our Higher Selves.

Science is now showing that intent can actually change the nature of a water molecule from an unhealthy to a healthy and whole state.  The power of intention and imagery can act as a program, placed into the water of your body to enliven and maintain the body-mind-spirit system with a healthy frequency.  As light, love and positive expressions merge with the water in your body, new templates flow throughout every cell in the system. 

Programs like love, gratitude, grace, ease, trust in your God nature, delight, peace and harmony, to name a few, can be placed into your Body-Water.  Images such as the Flower of Life, rainbows, hearts, peace signs, pictures of your favorite helpers like Mother Mary, Jesus, or Ascended Masters can also be placed in your Body-Water. We can program functions into the water such as perfect hydration of every cell.

Included in a Body-Water Balancing session is the energizing of the water in the brain.  Balancing the water in the cerebral cortex of the brain can assist in dissolving crystallized thought patterns.  The dissolution of rigid thought processes can free the mind and bring a deeper sense of inner knowing and peace.  This calms the mind down, and allows for old, anxious or unforgiving thoughts to be brought into harmony without struggle.  I think this process balances the electrical firings in the brain, making it easier to let go of the need to control negative thinking.  Joy, peace and calm emerge, and connection to guidance is made easier.

An additional half hour may be needed for this process.
Body Water Balancing addition: $30