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Healing the Waters in Yourself  
Healing the Waters of the Earth

Our human bodies are at least 75% water. 

If we want to make improvements and changes in our lives, 
we can use the element of water as our internal computer chip.  

We can program the water in our body with positive codes, or instructions.  

We can use water to understand ourselves.  Journeying into our inner water allows for us to deepen the awareness of the true self.  

Since we are primarily made of water, we can make the most significant 
and lasting changes to physical, emotional and mental health by engaging in a relationship with the inner landscape of water.  

Once positive intentions are placed into the BodyWater, they circulate and communicate at the cellar level. 

All cellular functions rely on water.

This class will:

* Deepen your understanding of the sacred role of water in our lives

* Experience the watery world inside yourself

*Learn easy meditation techniques and how to calm the busy mind with still waters

* Learn how to connect with and program the water inside your body into a pure state

* Cleanse the effects of negative thinking

* Learn to dissolve stress and melt away fear, making disease unnecessary

* Clear the effects of external expectations and pressures, and redefine yourself according to your divine nature.  

* Understand that your Inner Fluidity is available to you at all times.


Upcoming Classes

March 17, 2013
Draper, Utah

April 7, 2013
Santa Monica, CA

April 13, 2013
Palm Springs, CA
Crystal Fantasy

May 11, 2013
San Diego, CA

May 18, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

June 29, 2013
Boulder, CO

July 7, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

Portland, OR

Atlanta, GA

Life As A River

Imagine that your time on Earth is like a river.  Your birth is at the headwaters.  As you flow through life, there are meanders, there are obstacles, there are rapids, and stagnate places.  Just as water flows over boulders in a stream and dissolves the rock slowly into the minerals that comprise life, we can see our own obstacles as providing the substance that gives life to our direction. We can move fluidly, like water, through our lives. We can follow the river- course to the ocean, and see that we too are longing for merging into something greater. A molecule of water as a raindrop has an identity. We too are a drop. Each drop of water merged into the ocean, makes the planet’s biosphere work to support life. As we merge, through love into the awareness that we are all one, we enter the greater sea of being, and feel connected to our Source and to all life on Planet Earth.