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Two years after the first Earth Day, an industrial accident near my home galvanized within me a desire to work on behalf of a cleaner planet. I was 14 years old and living south of Detroit, Michigan. On a warm summer day, we heard news of a toxic chlorine gas cloud that had been released from a BASF chemical plant. The plant was a little over two miles away in the town of Wyandotte, along the Detroit River. Everyone within a two mile radius was required to evacuate. My family stayed at home.

This day is seared into my mind, even many years later. If there is something good to come out of it, it's the inspiration and action that has propelled me. I have dedicated my life to working on behalf of a healthy planet ever since.

My career path has been a blend of environmental work, and health and healing work. Like bends in a river, each turn has been an opportunity to explore a greater unification of the two. I have developed an understanding that the internal and the external environments are connected, and not as separate as we might think.

Engaging in environmental work developed my skills in solution-based thinking; that one can make a contribution through action. Managing a recycling operation was rewarding. However, I felt hungry for spiritual expansion and wanted my work to connect the physical with the spiritual. I wanted to explore how to be in harmony with the environment from within.

The journey of spiritual development taught me the importance of blessing one's inner and outer world. The inclination to bless my world came as I worked on personal healing and a practice of viewing life with a positive perspective.

I have gotten to know many bodies of water. Love, gratitude and joy are present within each of us when we are at the water's edge. It is my great pleasure to share my love of water, and how to immerse ourselves in the feeling of oneness with it. We humans are made up of 75% water, the same as on Planet Earth. That fact alone speaks to our natural harmony. When we bless any water, we bless all water.

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