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More on Jane's Background 

In 1993 in a meditation I was given a vision of a group of people standing, hand-in-hand around a lake. I watched as we lifted a grey mass, like a dark cloud, out of the lake. As the mass rose above our heads I saw a shaft of light come from the heavens and make contact with it. The light hit the cloud, and it exploded into particles of light. I heard the words, "All pollution is just dis-harmonic energy, and can be transmuted with light". I did not know what this meant at the time, but my astonishment at what I had experienced led to a personal expansion to understand it.

Trained in the late 1990's in hands-on healing at the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts, I decided to try hands-on healing on polluted bodies of water in Michigan, and then throughout the US. Later, I came to understand that the water in the human body was also in need of cleansing and I began incorporating bringing light and LOVE into the water in my own body and in the BodyWater in my clients. I understand that tuning up our internal environment allows us to be better prepared to bring a loving attitude to blessing our planet. If we can love ourselves, manage our thoughts and judgments, and develop an open-hearted engagement with life, we provide inspiration to ourselves, to others and to Mother Earth.

I have been leading water blessing meditations monthly since January 2002. These are offered as group events around the country, scheduled on the new moon evening each month.

My background includes a BA in Organizational Communication, from Western Michigan University, and a Certificate of Completion from the Midwest Academy for Healing Arts, Brownstown, Michigan. This was a three and a half year program with coursework from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Shamanic Studies with Rev. Dr. Janet Nagy.

For ten years I was a Certified Facilitator with the Flower of Life Organization, teaching the meditation practice brought forward by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I taught 80 workshops.
This course includes the teachings of physical and spiritual alchemy as understood through the lens of sacred geometry.

I have developed a unique field of healing, which I call BodyWater Balancing, which works to bless and clear the water in the human body. This also balances the cerebral cortex of the brain, helping to dissolve rigid thought patterns. By introducing love through healing energy into the water in the body, it acts as a key to unlock and release fears related to water. It also assists in purifying negative thinking, and therefore our lives.