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Welcome to Watersongs

Imagine a world of clear, clean water.

Let's take a moment and remember a time, when you had an experience with water that was joyful...when you really appreciated water. Can you taste that cold, refreshing glass of water when you were really thirsty? Or how glad you were for a hot shower or bath on a cold day?

Do you have a memory of sitting by a lake or ocean and watching the sunrise, or the sunset, and how relaxed you felt, maybe even glad to be alive in that moment? Or maybe you remember the first time you swam in the ocean. Do you remember playing outside during a soft summer rain and splashing through puddles? Did you ever run through a sprinkler, or dive into a pool?

Our connection with water is universal. Most of us interact with water every day of our lives. Yet how many of us stop to think about how precious it is? Do we take a moment in our busy day and appreciate that we have life because of water?

Watersongs is dedicated to finding within ourselves, the love and joy and gratitude we have for the
water within our bodies and in our environment.

This is an invitation to explore meditations and classes that enhance your connection with water. You are invited to learn how to bless all water, and by blessing it, to come to a deeper understanding of its nature and consciousness.

By joining in our new moon water blessing meditation each month, you can contribute to a growing movement of people all over the planet who care about water. We are a growing family who are inspired by water, and who wish to make the world a better place from the inside out.